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Punished By A Cougar Mommy Mistress

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

When I caught my older son jerking off to some pictures of young naked girls on the internet I knew I had to do something drastic to teach him a lesson.

So what did I do?

I took down his pants and made him masturbate to climax in front of me and his little sister – then I put him across my knee and spanked him good and hard!

cougar mistress picture
“Maybe Some Mommy Mistress BDSM To Teach You A Lesson?”

He cried and begged me to stop, but I kept at it until that bare bottom of his was BURNING with shame! His sister took some pictures with her new iPhone so we could post them to Facebook and show all his friends what a naughty boy he had been – and what his mother does about it!

I’m going to make him wear his sister’s panties under his pants all week while going to school to keep him properly motivated to be a better person and stop masturbating to dirty pictures!

Just like a good mother should!

(I keep my sons in line)

Bitches Say “Snort My Butt, Loser!”

Cougar Mistress sex story copyright CougarMistress.Com. All rights reserved.

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Spanked By A Cougar Mistress

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

As an older woman I like taking younger men to bed – and SPANKING them like a young boy across his mother’s lap!

Yep, I’m a “Cougar Mistress” and disciplining younger men and boys turns me on!

Of course some of them don’t like having their britches pulled down and bare ass spanked by a woman, but who cares? In MY house I’M the boss!

cougar mistress picture
Like Watching Women Spanking Men? We Got VIDEO!

I sometimes use a hairbrush or leather belt, but my favorite form of male spanking is just plain old-fashions OTK hand across the bare bottom spanking. Call me vanilla, but the sound and feel of that SMACK across a young ass cheek just does the trick!

And when I’m done? Why, I throw them on the bed and FUCK the shit out of them – just like a mature woman should!

Mistress Gloria
(In charge and spank happy)

Maybe A Punishment Enema Too?

Cougar Mistress sex story copyright CougarMistress.Com. All rights reserved.

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Caned By A Cougar Mistress

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

A delightful letter we got from a cougar Mistress:

“When my husband of forty years, John, is being a pain or to be honest – when ever I’m just in the mood for it, I like to turn him over my knee and spank his pale bare bottom with a hairbrush good and hard! Yep, I spank my husband like a little boy across his mother’s lap!

Of course I also make him stand in the corner after with his boxers down. I also like to also make him say “I’m sorry, mommy” and “I shall be good a good boy, mama, please stop!”

Just recently I’ve begun to use the cane on him and I must say I like it MUCH better than a hairbrush! It just makes a delicious SWISH in the air as I bring it down time and time again upon his burning striped ass! Making him “dance to the cane” has become my favorite Friday night experience and I must say I do so love hearing him beg me to stop! LOL!

He knew when he married me (I’m older than him) that I was the sexually dominant one and this was what his life was going to be like….”

Sounds good to us!

“…..quit your crying and get those pants down, I’m waiting….”

Mistress Dee
(Men NEED discipline)

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Blonde Bitch Spanks Guy

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

What would you do if a strict blonde bitch spanked your bare ass over her lap in the men’s room while everyone else looked on?

Put over her knee like a naughty little boy, his pants pulled down and bare bottom revealed, this blonde bitch spanks a guy’s naked ass in the bathroom! Why? She found out that HE was the one that been writing crude things about her on the bathroom stall walls – and she decided to brave the terrible smell of shit in there and march right in and teach him a lesson – OTK STYLE!

“Let’s see how funny you think you are after I spank your ass in front of your friends!”

Miss Dates
(I teach boys school and spank them regularly)

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Cougar Spanking Male

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

I’ll Take Your Pants Down In Front Of Your Wife And Spank You TOO!
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When a guy thinks he’s too big to be spanked like a little boy, a Cougar Mistress will soon set his mind to right!

Bend For Me!

Sorry guy gets his ass welted with heavy wooden paddle from strict bitch as he learns the error of his ways. Many a mature woman fantasies about sexually humiliating and punishing a bossy male like this, but only a dominant cougar actually does it!

“I think I’ll whip you next, probably naked…and with your pathetic little penis hanging out for the world to see!”

Mistress Tate
(Men are here to be used and abused, that’s IT)

This Cougar Muscle Slut Will Do You RIGHT…
mature muscle mistress
Right Up The ASS THAT IS!

Mistress Loves To Paddle Boys

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Especially after she males them take their pants down and bare their naughty bottoms!

The paddle is one of her favorite male training and discipline devices! And it sure seems to do the trick judging from the screams and moans of pain coming from the poor naked men under her domination!

Many times she sits on their backs and paddles not only their burning asses, but she gives their poor balls a good wallop too!

A bitch?

Nope! Just a strict Cougar Mistress at work!

“I think another hour of paddling should get you in the mood to wear these pretty pink panties and masturbate to gay porn while your wife and I watch, eh?”

Miss Marle
(Training men to be tame, docile and obedient)

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Strapped And Caned by Cougar bitch

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Strapped and caned to tears by vicious bitch – this guy is in pain as she whips, whacks and smacks his ass till it’s MELTING! No mercy for the weak is her motto and this mature Mistress enjoys the sight of a proud male with his trousers down and bare bottom thrust out for her painful humiliation and CORRECTION!

“A man’s ass is just MADE for a cane in the hands of a dominant woman, don’t you agree?”

Mistress Mais
(Spanking boys and caning men gets me wet)

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She Spanked His Bare Bottom

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Bare bottom spanking for poor guy across his strict Mistress’s knee – hot burning cheeks of shame! How about having your ass glow in the dark after a pretty, but CRUEL, cougar takes your undies down, throws you across her lap and spanks you like a little boy?

“And NO damn lap spurts! I don’t want to be cleaning any of your disgusting jizz off my thighs!”

Madame Frams
(I spank and cane from noon till night)

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Spanked By A Cougar Mistress

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Older women KNOW how to make a bad boy behave!

“I knew that I was going to have to instill a little discipline in him to study harder. Of course down came his trousers and out came the yardstick for a good hard spanking! He kicked and thrashed, but I spanked him all the same!”

See what it’s like to be spanked by a Cougar Mistress and finding yourself across a sexy older woman’s knee with your pants at your ankles and bare bottom burning with shame!

“After each spank, you will say SORRY, MOTHER!”

(Keeping naughty men and boys in line)

English Cougar Caned And Punished

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Sometimes an older woman needs (and craves) the stinging discipline that only a good old-fashioned English style caning can provide…

Take this lovely mature lady for instance….

“…the mature lady of the house has her knickers dropped right down and her tender bare bottom is exposed to a fervent riding crop, tawse and a stinging birch cane. In this tearful tale, set in the Victorian era the discipline is unmistakably English….”

Sounds a treat, eh?

Lady Constance
(Yep, it’s me)