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Business Woman Strapon Fuck Gallery

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Like a female boss who knows how to take matters into her own hands?

“..”Okay, fuck time!” Mrs.Peters hissed as she violently threw young Norman across her lap, stuck her fingers in the hem of his trousers and started tugging down his pants, underwear and all. “H-Hey! Noooo!” he shouted, but she ignored his cries, intent on fucking her young male secretary with her strap-on!”

This hot cougar makes her male secretary’s asshole sting in these delightful Business Woman Strapon Fuck Gallery we have for you today!

“You want a raise? Then get down on our knees and spread your ass cheeks!”

Mistress Nade
(I enjoy buggering my poor males)

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Smoking Fetish MILF Gallery

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Like an older woman who smokes?

“”When people hear the term “smoking fetish” they immediately think of some porn bimbo laying spread leg with a cigarette stuck in her pussy. Give me a break! Smoking is glamorous people, it’s an art! We take our smoking very seriously and think there is nothing sexier than a woman smoking….now of course, a smoking bj is kind of cool, hehe…”

Want to see more? Then light up this smoking fetish MILF gallery and enjoy!

“Watch me blow a smoke ring around your cock…”

(Older and bolder)

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Hot Pantyhose Mom Gallery

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Like a cougar in heels and hose?

“Well, one of my favorite sexual things to do is cock tease men in my panty hose. I put on the sheerest pair I can find (with no panties naturally) and put on a little show. Sometimes I sit at the public library with my legs spread knowing that some of the young college guys are looking straight up my skirt…”

See more in this Hot Pantyhose Mom Gallery we have for you today!

“It’s okay, I WANT you to look up my skirt…”

Jane D.
(Older and always horny)

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Cuckholding Wives Gallery

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

First off, yes I know it’s properly spelled “cuckOLD”, but these cheating wives wanted their site to read “cuckholding wives” so that’s what they did!

When you’re a mature cougar Mistress you can damn well do as you please! Remember THAT!

Anyway, to business-

These lovely ladies decided that not only were they going to cheat on their husbands, they were going to rub their noses in it by doing the deed right in front of them! Even going so far as to pile on the humiliation by forcing the men to dress as sissies or even sexually service the other man!

Take this naughty married babe – she not only made her disgustingly fat husband wear frilly pink panties and women’s stockings, she cock locked his dick up so he couldn’t even get an erection without her consent and permission!

cuckolding wives picture
This Little Penis Stays Limp Till I SAY Different!

But the real shame came when she introduced him to the big black bull she was now fucking – and then demanded he get down on his knees and suck the huge man’s cock! Talk about a poor little cuckold husband, this wimp even had to slurp hot Mandingo jizz like some common street whore! LOL

You GO, girl!

…now suck him till he blasts that HUGE load right down your throat!

Mistress Francine
(A tamer and shamer of married men)

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