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Cuckold Cheating Wife

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Poor Harvey thought he had it all, a good job, a nice home and a beautiful wife….

Until she decided that cheating was more fun, and to top off the illicit thrills it gave her, forcing her husband to watch as she brought lover after lover into their bedroom! She even took to feminizing her husband and forcing him to wear girl’s clothes and masturbate in the corner as she fucked, sucked and rimmed man after man before his very eyes!

Once she even demanded he get down on his knees and suck her lover’s cock till he came all over Harvey’s face in a showering blast of hot semen as she laughed and took snaps (which she planned on using for blackmail should her husband ever get up the balls to try and divorce her).

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Now her once happy and proud husband is a shell of his former self, abused, tormented, shamed as a cuckold and humiliated beyond all measure. It’s really quite more than any married man could take!

…..Hmmmm, then WHY does he spend hours in front of the mirror trying on her underwear, applying makeup and asking her to start bringing home black men to the bedroom – the larger the better?!!

Something is amiss here……LOL!

Ah, to be married to a beautiful cuckolding Cougar Mistress!


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