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Cougars Who Cheat And Cuckold

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

We all know that hot cougars are sexually dominant and many of them love to cheat on their husbands with other men. But it doesn’t end there, often the cheating wife will force her husband to not only watch her illicit trysts with other lovers, but frequently humiliate him by making him participate sexually in the satisfaction of her new man. And if her husband happens to be white, of course his cheating bitch of a wife will bring home the biggest black man she can find and force him to sexually satisfy her new black bull in any number of ways.

In her new sizzling collection of cuckold sex stories, erotic author Mistress Femme treats us to a series of vignettes featuring wives who cheat and cuckold their husbands in deliciously kinky BDSM ways. Simply entitled “Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Volume 1″ this e-book available from Amazon details explicitly the sexual trysts and perverted situations these husbands find themselves in under the thumb of their dominant cougar wife. It’s a fast read and well worth it!

Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme
Cuckolding Short Stories

“You would be surprised how many older women write me wanting to contribute their experiences in cuckolding and cheating on their rich, fat lazy husbands,” said Mistress Femme, “And the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction is true. Many of these women resort to such extreme tactics to sexually humiliate and cuckold their husbands, that even I was shocked at times to learn of what goes on in the bedroom of some of these couples!”

So there you have it, if you’re interested in cheating wife cuckold sex stories be sure to grab a copy and tell your friends!

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Cougar Cuckold

Friday, October 7th, 2011

So tonight after the football game, a couple of my husband Bryan’s friends are staying after to hang out with us for a few more beers. Honestly, I am super excited. See, one of the guys is this super hot black dude I have been wanting fuck for the longest time. And lucky for me, my hubby lets me play with others – within reason. The only thing that isn’t his favorite, is that he knows how hot it makes me when he watches!

Doesn’t matter to me if he likes it or not, I force him to watch anyway!

I love the mix of shame and excitement on his face as he watches another man fuck my hot pussy. And tonight will be even more fun for me, cause I can damn well guarantee that my new conquest’s cock will put my husband’s little white dick to shame. Now if I could just get the rest of these guys to hurry up and leave. I can hardly wait for the real penetration of this night to happen. Cuckolding my husband with a black bull has been a favorite fantasy of mine for some time and NOW it’s going to happen!

(Eat that creampire, cucky!)

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Cuckold Cheating Wife

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Poor Harvey thought he had it all, a good job, a nice home and a beautiful wife….

Until she decided that cheating was more fun, and to top off the illicit thrills it gave her, forcing her husband to watch as she brought lover after lover into their bedroom! She even took to feminizing her husband and forcing him to wear girl’s clothes and masturbate in the corner as she fucked, sucked and rimmed man after man before his very eyes!

Once she even demanded he get down on his knees and suck her lover’s cock till he came all over Harvey’s face in a showering blast of hot semen as she laughed and took snaps (which she planned on using for blackmail should her husband ever get up the balls to try and divorce her).

cougar mistress cuckold picture
I Want You To Watch How A REAL Man Fucks ME!

Now her once happy and proud husband is a shell of his former self, abused, tormented, shamed as a cuckold and humiliated beyond all measure. It’s really quite more than any married man could take!

…..Hmmmm, then WHY does he spend hours in front of the mirror trying on her underwear, applying makeup and asking her to start bringing home black men to the bedroom – the larger the better?!!

Something is amiss here……LOL!

Ah, to be married to a beautiful cuckolding Cougar Mistress!


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Cuckold Phone Sex Mistresses

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Would you enjoy hearing how I’m going to cuckold you before my new black lover? Perhaps even make you out on sissy clothing and service my fine black bull for a bit while I watch you choke down his giant cock?

Or perhaps you have a cuckold fantasy so sick and twisted you’d never DREAM of telling anyone else….TILL NOW!

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If you can get your little cock up and want to play with one of the Mistresses, then CALL NOW!

…and then I’m going to have you bend over and pull down your little pink panties for my bull!

Mistress N
(Trainer of cuckolded sissies and wimp husbands)

Cheating Slut Wives

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

They love to fuck everything in sight and make their husbands watch their cheating!

Sound like fun?

Maybe if YOU’RE the lucky lady and not the cucky loser….

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Housewife Bangers
And They Make Sure Their Husbands Know It!

“Many the time have I made my husband endure my nympho antics, hehe….he’s got a small penis and really is lousy in bed. Can you blame me if I like to fuck ALL the time?”

Now watch how I take two cocks in my ass, dear, you MIGHT learn something!

(Married and still a slut)

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Cuckold Forced To Watch

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

What’s a wife to do if she married the wrong guy?

- Go through years of misery and disappointment?
- File for divorce and spend all her money on a lawyer?
- Take an army of hot young stud lovers and force her cuckold husband to watch as she fucks their brains out before his crying eyes?

cougar mistress cuckold forced to watch picture
Now Pay Attention To How Well He Fucks Me!

All cheating wives know that cuckolding is fun! What better way to get your revenge on a man then by forcing him to watch your non-stop adultery and promiscuous sexual activities, hmmm? LOL!

And as ALL Cougar Mistresses know – the younger the stud the better! Many a humiliated husband has been feminized and cuckolded by a wife with a man HALF his age! Keeps the old bugger properly tuned up and obedient!


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Cuckholding Wives Gallery

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

First off, yes I know it’s properly spelled “cuckOLD”, but these cheating wives wanted their site to read “cuckholding wives” so that’s what they did!

When you’re a mature cougar Mistress you can damn well do as you please! Remember THAT!

Anyway, to business-

These lovely ladies decided that not only were they going to cheat on their husbands, they were going to rub their noses in it by doing the deed right in front of them! Even going so far as to pile on the humiliation by forcing the men to dress as sissies or even sexually service the other man!

Take this naughty married babe – she not only made her disgustingly fat husband wear frilly pink panties and women’s stockings, she cock locked his dick up so he couldn’t even get an erection without her consent and permission!

cuckolding wives picture
This Little Penis Stays Limp Till I SAY Different!

But the real shame came when she introduced him to the big black bull she was now fucking – and then demanded he get down on his knees and suck the huge man’s cock! Talk about a poor little cuckold husband, this wimp even had to slurp hot Mandingo jizz like some common street whore! LOL

You GO, girl!

…now suck him till he blasts that HUGE load right down your throat!

Mistress Francine
(A tamer and shamer of married men)

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Cuckold Cougar Mistress

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Is it wrong to take a lover and force your husband to watch?

Not according to this lovely mature Mistress! In fact, she leads her male into the bedroom on a leash and forces him to watch her perform varied and intense sexual acts with a man she just recently hooked up with….

cougar mistress smoking fetish picture
Come Here My Little Cuckold

Sexual humiliation is the name of the game with these lovely ladies and they make no bones about wanting to make their suffering husbands feel small and worthless. How so? Sometimes by making him wear their panties as he watches from the corner of the bedroom, other times they force him to “clean up” the mess their lover’s leave behind (we’ll let you imagine WHAT that means!)

Some cuckolding wives even measure their husband’s penises in order to shame and humiliate them in front of their new lovers! Can you imagine the feelings that must run through a poor married man’s mind as his own WIFE makes him show his flaccid penis to another well-hung man and compare? LOL!

The mind of a cuckold cougar Mistress can be a fierce thing indeed!


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