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The other day I was VERY naughty! How? Well, let’s just say the boy next door now knows what it’s like to fuck a mature woman in the ass! LOL! Yep, I seduced the teen next door.

Let me explain, I often like to sunbathe topless and I know for a fact the horny little stud was peeking at me and stroking that delicious young cock. I sometimes even caught him stealing my panties off the clothes line, and we older women ALL know what young boys like to do with a pair of soft panties, right ladies?

Anyway, I knew his parents were away for the weekend, so I put on my smallest string bikini and went over to ask him if he would sweep my pool for some extra money. And when he did, it only took a few minutes of me walking around, bending over and adjusting my bikini top to get him “interested”.

From there it was a only a wink and nod to have his beautiful hard cock in my mouth and my finger massaging his anus – but I didn’t let him come just yet, oh no, I grabbed the suntan oil, lubed up his cock and slide it straight up my asshole. You should of seen the look on his face as he felt that big cock of his slide up my rectum and start thrusting in and out – you could tell he had never felt the tight warmth of a woman’s anus gripping and tugging at his young cock.

After keeping him in delicious agony for a few minutes I “allowed” him (actually I couldn’t stop him) to pull out and shoot that massive hot load of teen cum all over my ass! He pumped his cock and spurted for what seemed like a whole minute! After that, I made him eat my pussy till I came (again, lol) and then sent him home with a kiss and a promise not to tell.

It’s nice to know that I now have a young cock ready for me anytime I’m in the mood – and his parents aren’t home!

My advice to any of my cougar friends out there is to get yourself a young boy and teach him a thing or two about love, they are SO grateful and eager to learn!

And there endeth the lesson!

…not so fast, dear, thrust slowly and work up to your orgasm!

(A seducer of young boys)

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