Cougar Mistress In Gloves

Like ladies in leather gloves, hmmmm?

Beautiful but STRICT and STERN cougar Mistresses who know how to make a male or female QUIVER with delight and anticipation?

Of course, all glove fetish fans know the sensual appeal and erotic mystique of a woman in gloves, but when she comes with a haughty attitude and confident of her role as the SUPERIOR sexual partner, it’s INTOXICATING!

And when they spank or cane…..

cougar mistress d picture
Your Bottom Is Going To Be VERY Sore!


Who WOULDN’T want to find themselves put over a Mistress in gloves lap, pants down and bottom up??? And you can be DAMN sure they PAY well for the experience….at least I charge a mint! LOL!

…take off your clothes while I put on my leather gloves…or ELSE!

(Gloved and cruel)

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